About Us


    The Iron and steel company of "Sani Kaveh Tehran" was established on 9th March, 1999 later registered under No.150954 in the ' office of company registration and industrial property, TEHRAN; on 23th June1999. The announcement for registration and establishment of company was published in the official gazette within the registration announcement numbered 15810dated 9th June 1999, while, and later was handed over to ‘Mobarakeh Steel Company', ISFAHAN




    Company Policy

    The managing board is leading in selling steel products of MOBARAKEH Steel Company, considering its main goal in supplying customers needs a well as great respecting them, resulting in excellent improvement route. Meanwhile, providing other steel services, improving organizational efficiency, maintaining strategic position, development, providing as well as preserving human values, organizational learning and innovation, protecting staff safety and health as well as protecting environment and property against injury and damage, has regarded as its priority activity as well as a social responsibility 


    Resuming Activities

    • Selling plenty types of steel products including sheets, rolls, rebar, beams, gussets,… together with distributing mobarakeh steel products in Tehran province and due neighboring provinces.

    • Providing longitudinal/transverse cutting services for warm, cold, pickling, colored and galvanized coils.
    • Roll forming services including shutters, trapezius, jamb, framework and Z section.
    • Loading, disembarking and storage in the outdoor and indoor saloons.
    • Products delivery through road and railway. 

    Head office contact information

    No.2, Golazin alley, Saadat Abad/ Tehran-IRAN

    • dummy TeleFax : 22382037

    • dummy info @ sanikaveh.com

    Contact information of the sales office

    Factory: No.220, Chahardange 12KM Saveh Road , Chahardange/Tehran-IRAN

    • Tel (Management Department): +98(21)55250447-9
      Fax: +98(21)55271803
      Tel (Foreign Trade Department) : +98(21)55253514
      E-mail: Foreign.commercial @ sanikaveh.com